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This book is a collection of stories of real world cases from Peter Lazar AM, founder of the World’s Most Innovative PR Agency.

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Peter Lazar

About the book

This book is a collection of stories of real world cases from the founder of the World’s Most Innovative PR Agency. These stories are drawn at random from a long career in communication.

It is neither a text for students nor is it a history of ‘my brilliant career’. The stories are intended to be useful for anyone interested or involved in communication.

There are success stories and there are examples of efforts that failed. Some are there to suggest that morals and ethics are vitally important in a world where cynicism and the demand for transparency are constants. Some stories are included because they are entertaining.

Happily the balance has been positive and the consultancy, which started as a one-person business has become the most awarded, the most innovative and the largest PR firm in Australasia. Did we ‘get it right’ more often….?

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This is a diamond from the citadel of contemporary PR practice … masterful in breadth and depth of case studies as well as humour and humility
Mike Watson, PRIA National President, Academic Swinburne University

Fascinating insights into PR by Australia’s ‘father’ of the industry … had me spell-bound
Candy Tymson, Co-author, The Australian and New Zealand Public Relations Manual

This is a book which is a pleasure to pick up and impossible to put down
Peter Baume AC, former Federal Minister, Chancellor ANU

Peter Lazar AM

Peter Lazar AM is a professional communicator and author who is widely regarded as the father of public relations in Australia. Founder of Professional Public Relations (PPR) in 1970, he continues to play a role as Chairman. In 2013 and 2014 PPR was voted the B&T PR Agency of the Year and in the PR World Awards it was the Most Innovative PR Agency in the World in 2014 and again in 2015.

One of Australia’s earliest TV personalities (ABC panel shows in 1956/58 – and five years as host on the very popular ABC’s Would You Believe? in the 1970’s), Peter has worked in several industries including publishing, advertising, sporting goods, health education, manufacture, farming and retailing.

In 2007 he received a Member of the Order of Australia for services to communication, dental health, aged care and community service.

“Communications has been a driving force in my life. It has been hugely educational and rewarding. Indeed, without communication nothing exists.”

Peter Lazar

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